Study groups

Administrative strategy

Composition Claire Büren Antoine Deleforge (coordinator) Virginie Gouteux Missions Establish a multi-year business plan Representing the commission at the LORIA/Inria directorates and at the lab councils. Coordinate with : the Local Sustainable Development Commissions (CLDD) of the other Inria centres national authorities (MakeSEns, Labo1.5, …) local authorities (University of Lorraine, CNRS, etc.) Achievements Drafting of …


Composition Marie Baron Antoine Deleforge Sabrina Lemaire Samuel Nowakowski Véronique Poirel (coordinatrice) Karim Ramdani Aline Wagner   Missions Valuing the work of the CARE Commission, Create and update adhoc tools (dedicated website, social networks, newsletters, intranets, TV display,…)   Achievements


Composition Claire Büren Olivier Demengeon Dominique Fohr Dominique Mias Philippe Vincent (coordinator) Mission Propose solutions to significantly reduce : the energy consumption of buildings; operating purchases; waste

Digital sobriety

Members Hélène Cavallini Mariana Diaz Nicolas Schnepf (coordinator) Pierre-Frédéric Villard   This group’s mission is to become acculturated to the subject of digital sobriety and then to set up communication and awareness-raising initiatives for Loria agents on the subject.


Composition Marie Baron Dobrina Boltcheva Hélène Cavallini Aurore Coince (coordinator) Olivier Demengeon Nathalie Flammang Karim Ramdani Aline Wagner   Missions Organization of invited seminars on digital and ecology Search for training to accompany the members of the commission in their missions Organisation of meetings to learn, understand, debate, and train Achievements


Composition Aurore Coince Olivier Demengeon Virginie Gouteux Charlotte Lily-Delage Dominique Mias Pierre-Antoine Rault Aline Wagner   Mission Think about how to reduce the commuting portion. Objective: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, required as part of the carbon footprint. Our lines of action are : Integrate into an existing PDIE (inter-company travel plan) to pool forces; …


Composition Marie Baron Dobrina Boltcheva Anne Chrétien Nathalie Flammang Quentin Laporte-Chabasse Sabrina Lemaire (coordinatrice) Charlotte Lily-Delage Karim Ramdani Pierre-Frédéric Villard Aline Wagner   Missions Organize fun workshops to exchange on : good practices, manufacture of organic cosmetics/hygiene products, manufacture of a vermicomposter, gardening …   Achievements