“J’y vais !” challenge

In 2021, the “J’y vais” Challenge will take place from 17 May to 06 June.

Registration is open on this website: defi-jyvais.fr

The challenge consists of counting the number of participants, the number of days cycled and the kilometres cycled by employees from their home to their workplace during the challenge period.

To participate, it’s simple, go to the “Participant registration” area and use the code sent by Patrick by email!

The principle of the “J’y vais” Challenge is simple!
Organised over three weeks in 2021, the aim is to encourage as many employees and students as possible to travel to their place of work/school using sustainable modes of transport: walking, cycling, scootering, monoroue, TER, bus, tram, carpooling, etc. The journeys taken into account are the home-work/school journeys, including during the lunch break.

A solidarity event
The total number of kilometres travelled in alternative modes over the period of the Challenge by all participants will be converted into a financial endowment for the benefit of a structure working in the fields of active mobility, solidarity or health.

The Challenge is organised by Vélo et Mobilités Actives Grand Est in the framework of an agreement with ADEME Grand Est, in partnership with 29 local authorities and territories of the Grand Est.